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For Families
HighPoints Learning offers several products to help individual students improve their math performance.
Low Cost, “Parent Pays” Guided
Math Practice Site
Does your student struggle in math? Nowadays, unfortunately, for almost everyone the answer is “Yes.”. Teachers are doing their best but cannot provide the one-on-one attention that students today need. AchieveMath from HighPoints Learning is a low cost online guided practice site in which students re-learn what they have covered in school via any internet connected computer from the comfort of their own home. With no hardware to buy or software to install AchieveMath is the cost efficient, proven effective solution for students in grades 2-12. We are so confident about the results that you will receive that we guarantee it.

Click here to learn more about our low priced math training program, AchieveMath.
Free* Math Tutoring through No
Child Left Behind
Achieve HighPoints is our Free math tutoring product that is available to students through the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program of No Child Left Behind. Students who have used our math tutoring platform have experienced outstanding results. In fact in our home state of Georgia, students using our platform for just 10+ hours met or exceeded standards on their state math tests at a 44% higher rate than a control group of similar students with no tutoring.
*You may qualify for our FREE Online Math tutoring if
  Your child’s school has not met its Adequate Yearly Progress and is in “Needs Improvement” status and
  Your child is eligible for free or reduced priced lunch
Click here to learn more about SES and our free tutoring program, Achieve HighPoints.
Low cost online practice for the SAT Test
The competition to get into the college of your choice is fierce today. Many parents are paying more than $1,000 to send their students to preparation courses to help them succeed on the SAT test. HighPoints Learning once again lowers the cost of high quality education by providing an online SAT Test Prep course for the Math portion of the test at a price everyone can afford. Higher Math SAT scores are just a click away.

Click here to learn more information about our online Mathematics SAT Prep course.
Low cost online practice for the GED Test
The make up of the US work force is changing. With the outsourcing of jobs to other countries there tends to be fewer jobs available for people without a high school diploma. HighPoints Learning is doing its part to help re-educate America’s workforce by offering a low cost high school equivalency diploma course that will give adults the tools they need to pass the math portion of the GED test.

Click here to learn more information about our online GED High School Equivalency Diploma course..
For Schools and Community Organizations
Licensed group access to our online Learning Platform  
Achieve HighPoints for Schools(AHPS) is a proprietary math learning platform that delivers anytime; anywhere math instruction to increase the math proficiency of students in grades 2-12. AHPS has been improving the math achievement of students in more than 27 states for over five years by strengthening their math skills, reinforcing classroom instruction, and boosting test taking skills.

Achieve HighPoints for Schools is aligned with state math standards and the recently adopted Common Core Standards (CCS). Schools have the option to choose the state.
Click Here for more information about our solution for schools and community organizations.
Group access to our online SAT practice site
The competition to get into college is fierce today. Students with a college degree earn around $1 Million more over their lifetime than a high school dropout. HighPoints Learning can help schools reduce the dropout rate and help students get higher SAT scores through the use of our math solutions and the SAT Prep Course available for schools to purchase. Whether you want to help a handful of struggling students or to have every high school junior and senior in the district get more hands on practice, the HPL SAT Prep Course for Schools is a great choice.

Click Here for more information about our SAT Prep Course for Schools.
Guided Online Math Practice
Free SES Tutoring
SAT and GED Test Prep
Student, school and community solutions
Custom Learning Plan for each student
Competitive Grants Assistance
Foundation Funding Guidance
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